Grandma Says

A friend of mine gave me this poem and I thought I'd pass it along. I'm not sure who the author is, but please email me if you do.


Grandma Says

When the folks next to you act like those in the zoo. A grumblin', growlin', and spittin',

Its a pretty good plan to be calm as you can, and do somethin' useful-like knittin'.


When a gossipin' Susan, with poison barbed tongue, comes into the room where you're sittin'

And starts to defame some neighbor's good name, count stitches out loud-and keep knittin'.


When there's been a slight misunderstanding at church, and other hint broadly of quittin',

Why, the very best thing you can do is to sing and stay at your post-and keep knittin'.


When Satan moves in with his cohorts of sin, say, you'll never find me submittin';

you irk me, I find; so, get thee behind and please don't disturb me-I'm knittin'.


In the middle of problems, the big ones and small, it's always most proper and fittin',

To trust and to pray, till the Lord shows the way and go right ahead with your knittin'.

Tips & Tricks

What to do when your Knifty Knitter peg pops out

  • DO NOT GLUE - if a peg breaks later and it's been glued you can't replace it!  Instead use a piece of tissue and wrap the bottom of the peg and push it back in, pull off the extra tissue.  It's not very pretty but highly effective.
  • Learn to loosen up a little!  I know from experience how hard it is on you and your loom if you knit tightly.


Which side should you knit off first

  • On single sided looms you should always knit off the last peg you wrapped with your working yarn, this will "lock" in that stitch and you can let go of your working yarn, but make sure you pull it snug before you start wrapping again.
  • On double knit you should also knit off the last peg wrapped and a few pegs on both sides of each end.


 My double knit scarf is looser on one side

  • When you are knitting in double knit make sure you are knitting off several pegs on each end first, then knit off the middle.  In other words by continuously knitting off in the same direction you are causing the slack to move to one side of your project, by knitting off each end you put that slack to the middle and you'll have nice clean edges!  When you are knitting on a single sided loom you automatically do this by knitting off each time from the side you ended on.


What yarn is best for what type of project?

  • Socks require a yarn that with hold it's elasticity - yarns such as cotton, linen, alpaca, and mohair do not have much elasticity and would not be the best choice for socks.  Acrylic and wool yarns or blends would work best.
  • Wool knits to a stiff fabric and would not be a good fiber for a shawl where you'd like a soft drape.
  • Bags sometimes need a stiff fabric to hold shape.  Choose a dense, tightly spun yarn or use a smaller gauge loom with heavier yarn.


More Tips Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for:  how to write a pattern!

Have a tip you'd like to share?  Feel free to email me - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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