Glossary of Terms
Anchor Yarn – off color yarn placed after first round of stitches in a double knit to mark the first row for binding off.
Bind Off – removing the project from the knitting board or loom
Cast On – starting the first row of stitches on a knitting board or loom
Chain Cast On -
Crochet Cast On - forms a tighter cast on using a crochet hook - best explained visually -
Drawstring/Gather Bind-Off -
E-Wrap Stitch/Cast On - stitch that looks like the lower case letter e, formed by taking the working yarn to the inside of the loom to the back of the peg and wrapping around the front to the back then over to the next peg, repeat.  To double check make sure that your "line" of knitting is to the inside of the loom.
Figure 8 Stitch/Cast On -
Knitting Board/Long Loom – Any long rectangular knitting device can be double sided or single sided (rake knitting board).
Knitting Loom – Typically any circular knitting device, can be used as a single sided rake or for tubular knitting (ex. Hat or Bag).
One Over One Bind Off - a crochet bind off where you put two loops on the hook and pull the back loop over the front and off the hook, add one more loop and repeat.
Purl Stitch - working yarn below peg loop, scoop loop from top
Stockinette Stitch/Cast On - refers to any knitted fabric and also the specific double knit stitch where you wrap from top to bottom every other stitch on one round of the board then the next round back you wrap top to bottom the stitches that you missed.
Two Over One Bind Off - the same as the one over one bind off except you work with three loops and pull the back two over the front loop and off the peg, pick two more up and repeat.
UFO - unfinished object, all the projects you put down with the hopes of returning to them someday.
Working Yarn – The yarn that is attached to the skein from which you are working.
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