Recommended Links

The internet is full of lots of great loom knitting links.


Authentic Knitting Board – – great looms and patterns with lots of instructions and a great discussion group with many talented people to help you with questions

Décor Accents - – great patterns and looms, fine and extra fine gauge sock looms

Purling Sprite Isela Phelps - - great patterns and lots of instruction links

Markman Farms - - check out the versatile adjustable looms, yarn, cool patterns, and contest page

Kiss Looms - - awesome looms, great patterns

Loom Knitters Circle Magazine - - wonderful articles and patterns

Frame Knitting - - some patterns

GreenFuzzer, Tammy Rodgers - - excellent knitting stitch diagrams

Knitting without Needles - – unique cap patterns

Loom Lore, Brenda Myers - Fantastic seasonal small knitting projects

Looms, Boards and Graciela - - Lots of great videos for the Kiss looms and wonderful patterns.

Getting’ It Pegged, Bethany Dailey - - neat patterns

Rockin' The Loom, Robin McCoy - - lots of great patterns

Knitting Pattern Central - - extensive pattern list for loom knitting, great site

Loom Knitting, Anne Bipes - - very instructional site with great patterns

Provo Craft - makers of the Knifty Knitter plastic long and circle looms




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