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Progress Report

My good friend Bethany over at Gettin' It Pegged had a great idea to keep herself organized.  She created a progress chart of the things she'd like to get done.  I think i'll join her in putting up my progress for the world to see and encourage me to get stuff done!

I feel Christmas looming over me as November comes calling tomorrow.  I have so many gifts to knit up and very little motivation.  Lately i'm more of start a new project everyday but don't get anything done kind of person ;)  Hopefully by listing a few specific things here that I would like to get done I will start seeing some progress happen.

So here are some goals to have done by the end of the year:

1.  Ruth's blanket - I really just started this blanket.  It's a neat  checkerboard configuration of knits and purls.  I'm using the Kiss Compact Expandable loom with modular insert.  I'm using 110 pegs so each row is a lengthy process.

2.  Isaiah's sweater - I promised him I'd knit him another sweater this year.  I've not started it but have looked through my stash to find some yarn.  Still need to get the boy's approval on colors :).  I may do this one as a machine knit project.

3.  Alpaca Scarf - I hoped to get this done this year, but i'm not sure if it will happen or not.  Too many other distractions and things on the to-do list.

4.  Christmas Gift 1 - I have several of the same item that i'm knitting this year (can't tell you what it is because it's a secret).  I'm hoping to knit up 6 of this kitchen item.  I have yarn for these.

5.  Christmas Gift 2 - There are also several of these as well.  Most likely 6.  I have yarn for this also.

I'll update these as I reach a milestone percentage.



Loom Knitting for Little People - 24 hours left to preorder

Just 24 hours left to pre-order your book and get all the extra goodies! I hope you'll take a look and make a pledge at Kickstarter. Just remember the book will be coming out, kickstarter is just a way to help off-set the initial costs with pre-orders. Plus you get the bonus of all the extra goodies and no shipping costs! It's a great deal and you won't be disappointed with Bethany's patterns. They are clear and concise and some of the cutest kids stuff i've ever seen.

Don't miss out!!!  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/588220252/loom-knitting-for-little-people

Gettin It Pegged Blogiversary

There's a Party Going On!!!!  Pop on over to Gettin It Pegged for Bethany's Blogiversary party.  She's got a fun Loom A Long project as well as lots of prizes.  Be sure to check out her fun new skirt/hat project from the book - Loom Knitting for Little People!  Only a few more days left to pre-order your copy of the book.  Take advantage of all the extras goodies you get by pre-ordering through Kickstarter.com.  I'm so excited about all the great projects she has in store for us - I already have her cute Koby the Kitty project and pacifier clips on my to-do list.  I'm also looking forward to the baby blanket patterns i've seen on the Kickstarter video. 

Mitered Jester Hat Finished

I finished up the Jester Hat last night!  It is so cute.  What a great project.  Thank you so much Bethany Dailey!  This was a fun quick project.  A great baby gift for those with fall/winter babies!  You could very easily get this done in a week with only an hour or two knitting each night, or within a few days if you had more knitting time.  Instructions were very easy to follow and it's a great project even for those who are new to knitting. 


I'm so excited for the book to come out.  I just know that Bethany has lots more amazing projects for us!  Make sure you take a look at the video to see some more previews.  And check out the Koby Kitty on Bethany's blog to see another gem from the book.  This is definitely going on my to-do list!

Mitered Jester Hat by Bethany Dailey

I'm lucky enough to be testing out these super cute mitered Jester Hats for Bethany Dailey of Gettin' It Pegged.  

These hats are one of the projects from her upcoming book - Loom Knitting for Little People. I hope you'll take a look at her Kickstarter page and pre-order your book. She has lots of neat goodies that come with it if you order this way!

I have actually started 2 hats! One is a larger one made out of homespun yarn - I'm not a big fan of this yarn but it was really soft so I decided to try what I had in my stash and i'm just floundering through it. Homespun and I don't like each other! ;) I may finish this one eventually not sure...

The second is done out of some more stash yarn :D I think it's called Airy or something like it....didn't have labels but I had several different balls all of the same type of yarn. It's a pumpkiny orange, a sky blue and a grass green. It may be a little on the wild side, but I think it will be cute in the end. I have this one set up on a smaller gauge on my Kiss loom so that it will fit the baby right away. All the patterns in the book are written for the Knifty Knitter looms, but of course if you match gauge you can use which ever loom you choose. 

Two squares are done and i'm working on the 3rd one right now. The squares are knit together as you go and it's coming out nicely.  Really looking forward to seeing this one done :)


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