Looms, Looms, Everywhere a Loom

Well...I asked the question - so now I have to answer!  I've got tons of looms. 

Knifty Knitter long and Circle and an extra small

Knifty Knitter Flower Loom

Knifty Knitter Purple Long Loom

Authentic Knitting Board - 28" and 10" Boards

DA Wondersock Loom

DA Baby Afghan Loom

Pocket Knitter

Knit Wit

Spool Loom and Straw Weaver (not pictured)

Two unknown origin wooden circle looms - hand made that I got at a thrift store


and last but not least I have a new Markman Farm Adj Loom coming that I won in the Early Bird Drawing for the pattern writing contest.


My most used loom....hmmmm....that's a hard one.  I use my AKB 28" board a lot, especially lately.  I use my Knifty Knitter Circle looms a good bit too.  My DA looms are very new so I haven't used them to their full potential yet.  I plan to add a loom review section in the loom resources soon, please add your comments too!

Happy Looming

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