Mitered Jester Hat by Bethany Dailey

I'm lucky enough to be testing out these super cute mitered Jester Hats for Bethany Dailey of Gettin' It Pegged.  

These hats are one of the projects from her upcoming book - Loom Knitting for Little People. I hope you'll take a look at her Kickstarter page and pre-order your book. She has lots of neat goodies that come with it if you order this way!

I have actually started 2 hats! One is a larger one made out of homespun yarn - I'm not a big fan of this yarn but it was really soft so I decided to try what I had in my stash and i'm just floundering through it. Homespun and I don't like each other! ;) I may finish this one eventually not sure...

The second is done out of some more stash yarn :D I think it's called Airy or something like it....didn't have labels but I had several different balls all of the same type of yarn. It's a pumpkiny orange, a sky blue and a grass green. It may be a little on the wild side, but I think it will be cute in the end. I have this one set up on a smaller gauge on my Kiss loom so that it will fit the baby right away. All the patterns in the book are written for the Knifty Knitter looms, but of course if you match gauge you can use which ever loom you choose. 

Two squares are done and i'm working on the 3rd one right now. The squares are knit together as you go and it's coming out nicely.  Really looking forward to seeing this one done :)


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