2010 Goals - Another Review
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 07:20

Here are the goals I originally came up with for 2010 and review in May.  Here's taking another look since i'm running out of year!  

  1. I hope to break the 100 mark this year for projects. - don't know if this will happen.  Seems like I'm working on a lot of longer projects this year, so I may not make that mark.  - I really don't see this happening as i'm only at the 31 project mark now.  Although I do plan to try knitting 18 little stockings for my son's preschool class!  Yikes, I must be crazy!
  2. Finish my son's double knit intarsia blanket. - I'm working steadily on this and hope to easily be done by fall. - I'm done!  Take a look at the post below.
  3. Place in the Vanna's Choice contest (why not!). - well, I'm assuming I didn't place since they haven't called me, but it was fun.  I entered my Granny Square Scarf. -  I didn't place, but that's ok, i'll keep trying.  I'm going to enter the Planes Trains Blanket next time.
  4. Enter a project in the State Fair. - got to start looking into that soon.  Not sure what to enter...any suggestions? - oops - missed the deadline again!  Maybe next year.
  5. Finish all my UFO's! - HAHA, well here's hoping!  I'm down to 2 long term UFO's that haven't been touched in a while and 5 projects that i'm currently working on!  Too many, I know. - Ok here is the Oct count of UFO's....i'm afraid to look!    it's looks like it's 8!  Yes, it's true, i've finished one and added two. 
  6. Knit a sweater! - One of my current projects is Graciela's sweater.  I'm over 1/2 done with the back.  I'm so excited and so far it's going easily.  - well I did knit a sweater - the super sleuth one for my son.  I'm still working on the sweater for me - I have one sleeve to go.  I do want this finished before the end of the year!

Well that's my original goals.  New goals added in May

  1. Regularly enter Project Yarnway on Ravelry.  It's a group for designers to present their creations based on the criteria for that month.  I just found out about it late April, and have a project in mind for May to start working on.  - well I did enter May, June, and July, but August, September and October have just been too busy with vacation and starting pre-school and trying to finish the blanket.  Maybe Novemeber is my next month to participate...we'll see.
  2. Needle Felt - I just learned how to do this at the Markman Farm retreat and I LOVE it!  I'm really excited about trying more things.  I want to try my hand at needle felting soap and doing Christmas ornaments or pins.  If you've never tried it, it's so much fun. - I did hand felt some soap, I think I got a little too impatient with it because it wasn't quite right so I never tried the needle felting on it.  I'll try again sometime. 
  3. Find a way to organize all my yarn so I can get to it easier.  That's a never ending goal for sure!  - I actually did this a couple days ago!  I sorted out all my nicer yarn in to separate boxes and sorted the rest by color and labeled the bins that they are in.  I should be able to find things now!  or...at least for a little while.  I still have a few more places to sort through though since it's all over the house.

Ok, here are some must finish goals for the next 2 months!

  1. Knit 18 mini stockings
  2. Finish the sleeve and final sewing on my sweater
  3. Finish the back to the Winter Lace Pillow and sew it together
  4. Finish Cabled Scarf I just started
  5. Take a nap - just kidding....I won't have time!!!
  6. Work on Alpaca Scarf
  7. Design and enter something in the AKB contest - due by end of Nov.  I could enter the same thing for Project Yarnway this month too.

Hope i'm not setting my self up for exhaustion and sickness!  Of course nothing makes you feel better than yarn.


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