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I'm participating in a crafting Blog Hop today.  We are supposed to talk about what we've done this month and show some pictures....so here goes!  Take a hop around the other crafty blogs too - there is some neat stuff!



This month I have been primarily working on my son's blanket.  I'm very close to getting it done.  It is 36 knit panels with 9 of those having colorwork designs.  I've got 6 more panels to knit and lots of sewing.  Here is an inprogress pic for you to see.

You can see some of the other designs and buy the patterns from my patterns page.  There is a train car and wagon available at this time.


I've also done my first toe up sock stocking.  It's Angel Philipp's pattern from the Kiss Yahoo group.  It turned out pretty well for my first toe up, but I did drop the first stitch on one side.  I was able to fix it with the tail end so it wouldn't run.

There is another pair of socks (cuff down) that i've been working on also for my son for Christmas.  I have one done and the other is about 3/4 of the way done.

And I've been doing a spider Halloween hat also.  It's a little more crafty as the hat is knit with felted strips woven in for the legs and i've not quite decided on the legs yet.

Of course there is also a pumpkin that was completed as well.  Don't have a pic of it yet.  Used Robin McCoy's Calabacita Pumpkin pattern for this one.

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