Loom Types

There are many different types of looms out there. Below is a list of the ones I’m currently aware of. Just remember no matter which loom you choose to use most patterns will work with any type of loom or knitting board, just knit a swatch to check the gauge of your finished fabric against the pattern. If you have a Knifty Knitter board be sure to also check out the patterns on the Authentic Knitting Board website for lots of free patterns and vice versa.

Authentic Knitting Board - www.knittingboard.com

  • 10”, 18”, 28”, 38” knitting boards in small and regular gauge


Decor Accents - www.decoraccentsinc.com

  • Infinity Knitting Board – this is very similar to the Provo Craft Serenity Loom in shape
  • Hat Looms – many different gauges available
  • Wonder Sock Loom – rectangular with pegs along each end, adjustable size to accommodate any size sock
  • Sock Looms – non adjustable round loom specified to make one size sock, many sizes and gauges available
  • Afghan Loom – 35”-41” panel for baby afghan, similar to prayer shawl loom but w/ 3 gauges available
  • Mitten Loom – includes a small thumb loom and a “body” loom
  • Prayer Shawl Loom – oval with a large gauge to work with chunky yarns
  • Wonderloom – adjustable size loom, similar to the Wonder Sock Loom
  • AJAL Loom – completely adjustable loom, 1 gauge but adjusts to any size loom or knitting board


Kiss Looms - www.kiss-looms.com

Gauge is set by changing how much yarn is used for each stitch. With regular looms this is done by changing the distance between pegs. The kiss loom starts out with a small gauge then uses gauge pins to increase the distance the yarn travels between pegs. The gauge is determined by this traveling yarn and by changing the settings on our looms you increase the amount of traveling yarn - and therefore change the knitted gauge.

  • Modular loom sets that connect end to end or in the round
  • Sock Loom
  • 2-Way Adjustable Looms - works like a sock loom where you can adjust the number of pegs by sliding the end pieces up and down the board.
  • Straight Looms - single rake looms with pin boards and optional peg boards to add for double knitting.


Markman Farm - www.markmanfarm.com

  • Adjustable Double Rake Looms - fine gauge 1/4", small gauge 3/8", regular gauge 5/8", and half gauge 1/2" of various sizes with end pegs to knit in the round
  • Various Gauge Rakes and Double Rakes - various sizes
  • Various Gauge Round Looms - various sizes
  • Rug Rake - Large gauge to accomodate chunky yarns or fabric strips


Provo Craft/Knifty Knitters - www.provocraft.com/products/catalog.php?cl=knifty%20knitter&scl=looms

  • Long Loom Set – 4 long looms of various sizes, all have end peg so that they can be used for tubular knitting
  • Circle Loom Set – 4 circular looms of various sizes
  • Flower Loom – 12 peg small loom for knitting flowers or other craft items
  • Spool Loom – great for making tubular straps for bags or purses


Hobby Lobby - www.hobbylobby.com

  • Serenity Loom – S shaped loom that makes a panel 110” wide, or less if desired


CinDWood Crafts - www.cindwoodcrafts.com

  • Afghan Loom - 36" board with 1/2" and 5/8" gauges available
  • S-Shaped Loom - 36", 48" and 60" lengths
  • Oval and Round Afghan and Hat Looms - various sizes
  • Scarf Loom - 10" knitting board


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