Woolly Worm Dishcloth Blogiversary Loom A Long

Welcome to my blogiversary loom-a-long!  I will be posting this a few rows at a time so keep checking back for more rows.  Make sure you click on subscribe in the comments so you'll be emailed when I add more rows.

Gauge is not important for this stitch pattern, but the sample was done on the Kiss regular modular loom on first setting.

Yarn: I used a variegated cotton yarn for this.  Peaches n Creme Shaded Brown.  You can use variegated or solid for this in any color.  Post a comment and let me know what color you're using.  You might consider double stranded if working on the KK Looms.

I will have a drawing for finished projects emailed to me by Sunday midnight.  Leave a comment here too in case my spam folder eats the email ;). 

Woolly Worm Dishcloth

For a PDF version - click here to download.

Based on the needle knit stitch - Horizontal Dash Stitch

Cast on 34 pegs with a double e-wrap cast on.

Knit 5 garter stitch ridges - 10 rows total, alternate a row of knit then a row of purl.

Row 1: (K5) *K3, P5, repeat from * (K5)

Row 2: (P5) K (P5)

Row 3: (K5) K (K5)

Row 4: (P5) K (P5)

The garter stitch left and right border stitches are in parenthesis - I recommend marking these pegs with stitch markers so you don't forget.  Please post any questions.

Row 5: (K5) *P5, K3, repeat from * (K5)

Row 6: (P5) K (P5)

Row 7: (K5) K (K5)

Row 8: (P5) K (P5)

Repeat rows  1-8 9 more times for a total of 10 repeats.  You will have 90 rows which includes the 10 garter stitch rows.

Knit 5 garter stitch ridges - 10 rows total, alternate a row of knit then a row of purl.

Bind Off (BO) using the super stretchy bind off (http://yarngear.com/looms/tips.htm - scroll down to the bottom).  Note: if you are using the Kiss loom for this bind-off don't wrap the yarn behind the pins (it will make it really loose and you'll have to cinch it up a bit), just do the bind-off just like you would on a Knifty Knitter at the front of the pegs.

Email me pictures when you have it done to be entered in another drawing!  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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