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Hometown Loomers

Our poll question this month is "Are there other loomers in your area?".  In my hometown there are a few other loomers.  Several months ago my dear neighbor, her daughter-in-law and her grandaughters took one of my loom knitting classes at Hobby Lobby.  The are "hooked" so to speak.  It's a lot of fun to have someone so close by.  We tend to call each other and show off our projects as soon as they are done.  There are a few others in the area, including a good friend of mine, but not too many...yet!  My take on it is that you can always make more loom knitters in your area!  It's such a fun, easy and addicting craft that anybody can do.  So I say bring your kntting to work to knit on your break or at lunch, knit at the baseball game (which I might do this evening!), or while waiting on the kids at swimming lessons.  Go to your local yarn shop and knit with the needle knitters, offer to teach a class if people are interested.  You'll have others "hooked" in no time at all!

Confessions of a Serial Knitter!

So many things to do!!!  I usually have so many projects going at a time that I barely know which row counter goes with which project!  Plus I have so many items on a "To Do" list to start at a whim.  In order to keep track of everything I keep a notebook with projects i'd like to do as well as a list of what projects i've done.  It's sort of a progress report for me.  So here's my "confession" of how many things are on my to do list and the good news of what I have done so far this year!  Who do I loom for the most?  My son - you can probably tell from the list below .  He's only 2 but very supportive of my knitting.  He likes to ooh and ahhh and "pet" the knitting.  My wonderful hubby has only gotten a scarf at this point - but the office pillows will be for him.

 ********** Things To Do List **********

 Lacey Scarf - this was started long ago - just can't seem to finish it...

EFG Socks - getting close on getting one done!  Hope I finish the second.

Stuffed Bear from Provocraft book

Sports Ball Pillow from Provocraft book

Journal Book Cover from Provocraft book

I-Cord Hotpad from Isela's book

Sailboat Cardigan from Isela's Pattern book

Twin Size Afghan for my sons bed - this one is my pattern that i'm still designing

Stuffed Cat - have this designed just need to test it out

Pillows for the office couch

Cabled Bag

Felted Intarsia Bag

Dishcloths - I seem to make mine more of a pot holder size!

Tunika - by Anke I have this started and it's really nice

and really the list easily goes on!!!


  ********** Things I've Done **********

2 stuffed bunnies                               3 Train Intarsia Blocks

2 loom knit flowers                             Flower Pot Pillow

3 Easter eggs                                      Erin's Baby Blanket

1 Bunny Washcloth                            Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Cover

Small Bunny potholder                      Baby Bib

Sweater Jacket                                    Felted Baguette

Souriire                                                 Stuffed Monkey

Toddler Slipper Socks                       Stuffed Elephant

Adult Slipper Socks                            Dragonfly Dishcloth

Butterfly Intarsia Block

Looms, Looms, Everywhere a Loom

Well...I asked the question - so now I have to answer!  I've got tons of looms. 

Knifty Knitter long and Circle and an extra small

Knifty Knitter Flower Loom

Knifty Knitter Purple Long Loom

Authentic Knitting Board - 28" and 10" Boards

DA Wondersock Loom

DA Baby Afghan Loom

Pocket Knitter

Knit Wit

Spool Loom and Straw Weaver (not pictured)

Two unknown origin wooden circle looms - hand made that I got at a thrift store


and last but not least I have a new Markman Farm Adj Loom coming that I won in the Early Bird Drawing for the pattern writing contest.


My most used loom....hmmmm....that's a hard one.  I use my AKB 28" board a lot, especially lately.  I use my Knifty Knitter Circle looms a good bit too.  My DA looms are very new so I haven't used them to their full potential yet.  I plan to add a loom review section in the loom resources soon, please add your comments too!

Happy Looming

My First Project

My first project on a loom (or any knitting for that matter) was a blanket for my son.  I had received a few needle knitted blankets for my baby shower and after my son was born I decided that I wanted to make him one too.  At the time I thought I would learn to needle knit, but I met this wonderful retired school teacher at Hobby Lobby who not only explained to me that a skein was a ball of yarn , she showed me the looms and told me how easy it was.  I'm forever grateful to her for her kind instruction.  Well I have been looming ever since - almost 2 years!  

My first blanket left a little to be desired, and someday soon i'll make a new blanket for my little bird, but it was the start of something that has become an integral part of my life. 

My hope for you is that whether you are brand new to looming or an old hat and trendsetter that you'll love this hobby and way of life for a very long time.

Happy Looming!




UFO's are unfinished objects - projects that you have in progress that you hope to finish someday.  Here are some current projects i'm working on.  As you can see i'm one who has many projects going at the same time.  Eventually I'll get a few off my list!


My big project right now is this sweater that i'm making for my 2 year old.  It is knit on the Knifty Knitter long green loom with the body and hood as one piece.  I still need to knit the other sleeve and the "brim" for the hood.  There will be zipper in the front as well.  Pattern is from the Provo Craft "Loom Crafts with Knifty Knitter" book with designs by Shannon Erling.













Here is the regular wear sock i'm working on for Isela's sock loom a long that we are doing in our Yahoo Group.  The loom is the adjustable Extra Fine Gauge (EFG) Wonder Sock Loom from Decor Accents.  It is truly a work of art.







This is the V-Lace bookmark from the loom a long on the loom class Yahoo Group.  Stacie Wash is the designer.  I'm doing this project on the Authentic Knitting Board fine gauge loom.  It's difficult to knit and purl those tiny stitches with the ungrooved pegs, but i'm getting used to it and feel that it's a good accomplishment on this board.  I do love my AKB Boards!





A cute little slipper sock for my little one.  This was done on the Knifty Knitter large gauge flower loom with the yarn double stranded.  It's a soft cotton yarn and feels really nice.  I have one more to go.  Look for a pattern in the patterns section soon!









This is a lacey scarf pattern from knittingboard.com by Faith Schmidt that I fell in love with.  This is a nice silk yarn blend in earthy colors.  The board is the 10" fine gauge from Authentic Knitting Board.  It's a really nice size loom (it'd be nice to get this done so I have the use of it again!).  The bookmark above is on the 28" loom because this one has my scarf in progress.




Another favorite is the slipper sock pattern from Isela Phelps Loom Knitting Primer book.  I made a few modifications such as a shorter leg and I used the e-wrap stitch for the whole project.  This is knit on the small round blue Knifty Knitter.  3/18 - I'm happy to say I've completed the other sock now.


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