Happy New Year 2011!!!

Wow, what a year!  Goals for this year include:

1.  Knit mittens - i've never done this before, it's about time ;)  I'm going to start with Bethany's Warm Woolies.  I just fell in love with these and have wanted to make them since last year.

2.  Finish the tunica that Anke taught in 2009 in Loom Class!  This is one of my long term UFO's.  My son picked out the yarn for me and I'd really like to finish it.  I'm a little more than 1/4 done on the first side.

3.  Have another retreat.  I had so much fun at the other two retreats that i'd love to do it again.

4.  I have a knit shirt design in my head that I really want to knit up.  If I can start this early it would be perfect to enter in the 5 piece set contest for Project Yarnway.  I already have the yarn too, just need to start knitting.

5.  Teach another loom knitting class.

6.  Spin some of my own yarn!  Really excited about learning how to do this with a drop spindle. 

7.  Dye some of my own yarn.  Never tried this before either and it looks like fun.

8.  Knit fine gauge socks for me :)  I've only finished small ones for Isaiah so far.


What are your goals this year?

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